"The True Meaning of Christmas" Presentation and Movie Scene
The lead catechist for this session introduced the theme and played Scene 2 "All Aboard" from the movie Polar Express where children were faced with invitations to believe.
Small Group Breakout #1 - Thoughts on Meaning of Christmas
The participants were separated into four small breakout groups and answered the questions:
  1. Christmas is...
  2. How is our invitation from Christ like the boy's invitation to get onboard the Polar Express
  3. In what ways does Christ invite us to the manger each Christmas?
Small Group Activity - "Window Shopping" and Reflection
Gift buying becomes the focus at this time of year, but participants spent quiet, reflective time "window shopping" in a different way. They journeyed to four stations ("windows") with signs or symbols of the real meaning of Christmas including an Advent wreath, Nativity scene, feast days in December, and a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Home Kit - Family Activities
This take-home resource included several family activities that emphasize the true meaning of Christmas. These activities are performed in the weeks following this session until the next month's session.