Reading the Bible
The lead catechist for this session introduced the theme and then played a video by Matthew Kelly that included a discussion of the inter-relatedness of Scripture and Tradition, why we should read the Bible, the Bible contents, etc .
The Catholic Practice of Reading the Bible
The lead catechist then explained the various options the participants could select in order to start to read the Bible and explained the power of habit - our lives change when our habits change. Therefore, we should develop the habit of reading the Bible every day.
Small Group Breakout #1 - Demonstrating How to Read the Bible
The participants were broken into two groups and each was given a demonstration on how to read the Bible.
Small Group Breakout #2 - Plan for Reading the Bible
Families worked together to develop their plan for how they would read the Bible together as a family.
Home Kit - Family Activities
This take-home resource included several family activities and plans for reading the Bible together. These plans and activities are practiced in the weeks following this session until the next month's session.