PRAYING - October 9, 2016

"Praying" Presentation - Learning About Prayer
The lead catechist for this session presented a definition of prayer and then introduced the various prayer types (praise, contrition, thanksgiving, and intercessory).
Small Group Breakout #1 - Practicing Prayer
The participants were separated into four small discussion or breakout groups, one for each prayer type. A catechist taught the prayer type and each participant practiced that prayer type.
Small Group Breakout #2 - Prayer Commitment Plan
Each member of the family developed a personal prayer plan (prayer type, prayer time and prayer location) and then the family worked together to develop the family prayer plan.
Home Kit - Family Activities
This take-home resource included several family activities for praying the four types of prayers discussed and practiced in Breakout #1. These activities are performed in the weeks following this session until the next month's session.
Family Faith Formation Registration
Children in Grades K-3
Assembling their Rosary
Music Ministry During Worship
Participants During Worship
More Participants During Worship
Lead Catechist Defining Prayer
Breakout Groups Practicing
The four small groups each practiced a different prayer type
Children in Grades K-3
Children in Grades K-2 presenting the Rosary each assembled
Participants Clapping for Children
Participants showed appreciation to children in grades K-3
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