Pastoral Council

The Council is a consultative body that the Pastor can prayerfully pray and reflect with, and ask for assistance to guide the overall care and ministry of the parish and advancement of the mission. The Pastor and the Council develop a Pastoral Plan for the parish and monitor the implementation by measuring the outcomes established at the time the Plan was developed. Appointed by the pastor.

Shirley David, Chair:

or (808) 756-1633

Stewardship Committee

The mission of this committee is to foster a Christian community atmosphere whereby the spiritual and social needs of parishioners can be realized through time, talent and treasure, resulting in parishioners becoming Disciples of Christ. Members are approved by the pastor.

Sharmayne Naone, Chair:

or (808) 938-3895

Capital Campaign Committee

The committee finds innovative and creative ways to raise funds to support the mission of the parish. Members are approved by the pastor.

Robert Leopoldino:

or (808) 896-5532