Upcoming Events at a Glance

Events Pending Based on CDC guidelines for the COVID-19 Virus

• St. Michael's Golf Tourney: Rescheduled to Saturday, July 11 at Kona Country Club

• Visitor Industry Charity Walk: Rescheduled to Saturday, Nov. 14 in Waikoloa


St. Michael's Church is Now Open

Visit the Home Page of this website for details on Mass times and attendance guidelines. All mission churches remain closed until further notice. Mahalo!

Track Our Diocese COVID-19 Updates 

Go to and to 

Local Celebrations of Mass on TV and Online

* Mass LiveStreamed 9am Sundays in English and 11 a.m. in Spanish from St. Michael's 

Facebook Live:

YouTube Channe:

* Livestreamed Masses in the Diocese of Honolulu (go to for links): 

1. Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace - Sundays at 9am with Bishop Larry Silva presiding 

2. Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace - Monday to Saturday at 8am 


Other Celebrations of Mass on TV and Online

* Mass with Bishop Robert Barron daily at 8:15am ET - go to 

* - Mass online [check the website for time] 

* EWTN Mass on TV at Spectrum Channel 1408 [check the TV Guide for time] 

* USCCB directs people to go to: 

1. from the Catholic TV Network - Masses daily; go to the website to check the time 

2. Vatican News Live Stream of Pope Francis’ Masses - go to “Pope Francis-Holy Mass” 

3. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception - go to and click on the red box, "Watch Mass Online."

Contacting Church Office Staff During COVID Outbreak

Office hours for phone calls only are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 808-326-7771.

Stewardship of Treasure 

Blessings on all who continue to give their weekly offerings! Your sacrificial giving in this difficult time, through mailed-in donations or through OnLine Giving, are gratefully received. Your stewardship of treasure the week of May 23-29 totaled $11,902.10. The mortgage balance as of 5/9/2020 is $118.02.11. I continue to privately celebrate the Mass daily and keep all of you in my prayers. God bless you! —Father Lio (Note: Offerings can mailed directly to the parish office; or go to the website and click on “OnLine Giving” to make your donation.] 


Pentecost Sundaes! Celebrate Pentecost Sunday by making these Pentecost sundaes with your family: Vanilla ice cream topped with: “Dove” chocolate squares, since the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, Strawberry syrup or jam, as red is the symbolic col-or of the Holy Spirit and the Liturgical color of Pentecost, and finally, a cherry, the red fire ball representing the tongues of fire. Enjoy! Sing this song, to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”, right before you dive in to your sundaes: Tongues of fire, tongues of fire, Driving wind, driving wind, Holy Spirit's coming! Holy Spirit's coming! Let Him in! Let Him in! And here’s the regular article: In the Gospel for Pentecost Sunday, Jesus promises His disci-ples that He will send them the Holy Spirit to teach them and to guide them. Help your children explore the various symbols of the Holy Spirit found in Scripture. 

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. He promised His dis-ciples that He would. When the Holy Spirit came, the disciples went out and told everyone about Jesus. The Holy Spirit made them strong so that they would not be afraid. The Bible uses many symbols for the Holy Spirit: • On Pentecost, the holy spiritual came as fire and wind. • When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit came as a dove. • The water we are baptized with is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. • In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit led God's people in a cloud. Why do you think Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to His Disciples at Pentecost? —Darlene Gawlik, Catequist 



Protect Yourself to Prevent Illness

Changes at St. Michael’s due to the flu season and steps to prevent spread of the COVID virus:

1) We are suspending distribution of the Precious Blood to the congregation until further notice. 

2) Faithful are encouraged to receive communion in the hands. 

3) If you still want communion on the tongue, please only go to the Priest. 

4) Please do not hold hands during recit-ing of the Our Father. 

5) For the Sign of Peace, smile or simply say Peace be with you, without shak-ing hands. 

6) If you are ill, remain at home. 

For more updates, go to 

Extending a Warm Welcome to All Who Attend Our Church—

Member Registration Encouraged

We extend a warm Aloha to all who attend our church. We hope you will find our parish community a place where your faith will be nourished. If you haven’t registered as a member of our parish, we encourage you to register today. You can register on our website at, in the office or complete the form in the kiosks.  

Update Changes on Your Contact Info—Mahalo!
Please keep the Church Office informed of changes in names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. By letting us know you have moved, we can save money on postage returns and keep our membership roster up-to-date. 

Sign up for Parish Updates with Flocknote

St. Michael's wants to communicate more effectively with you so you control what announcements you get from us and how you are notified. We have a simple FREE parish information service using text messages and emails to reduce the risk of scams and spam messages. 

   To stay connected with each other, join our interactive parish info system and stay informed! You will receive alerts regarding what is happening at Church due to the coronavirus crisis. You’ll also have access to the entire Bishop Robert Barron’s “Word on Fire” programming, giving you FREE access to everything produced by World on Fire and much more. 

   Just text the word SMACCKK to phone # 84576 to join, or sign up online at 


Beware of Fake Emails and Test Messages!
If you have received an email or phone text message from Fr. Lio and/or Fr. Neo requesting a favor and to reply back as soon as you get it, DO NOT open or reply. It is spam. Delete it immediately. Fr. Lio and Fr. Neo do not use email. If they need something from you they will ask you directly.

Kindly Let Us Know If You Don't Want Church Envelopes

If you are receiving envelopes but not using them, please let us know so we can cancel your envelopes. Just write a check and we’ll be able to track your donations for tax purposes. It saves the Church the cost of unused envelopes. Thank you. 

Did You Know About Free Catholic Laudate App? 

The most popular and most comprehensive free Catholic App. Laudate includes many awesome resources such as an interactive Rosary, Daily Readings, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Roman Missal changes, and the NAB and Douay-Rheims versions of the bible – all in a simple to navigate layout. But what makes this app shine for me is the HUGE selection of prayers – in both Latin and English! 

They are sorted into intuitive groups such as the “Marian Group” and “Mass Group” and you can even create your own folder of “My Pray-ers” to easily access your favorites. The font size and color scheme are customizable, and there are six language options. The developers are also constantly updating this app, providing a huge selection of up to date, bug-free content. 

You can download for free to your iphone, android and/or ipad. Just search in your app store. 

Prayer List 

If you know someone in need of prayers, we can place them on the Prayer List. All information is confidential. Part of what the Charismatic Prayer Group does on Tuesday evenings when they gather, is pray for those on the Prayer List. Contact the parish office before the end of the month to add a name to the list. 

Online Giving

St. Michael's Church provides Online Giving—a convenient and safe way to make a one-time or recurring donation. Getting started is easy—visit and click our ONLINE GIVING tab. When you participate, your gift will be securely transferred directly into the parish bank account. Or visit

Kona's Denny’s Restaurant Donation 20% of Your Bill

The co-owner of Denny’s Restaurant, Ali Sahito, has offered to donate 20% of your total bill from Denny’s to St. Michael’s Church. Just bring your receipts to St. Michael’s and place in the metal box attached to each kiosk. 

Smile.Amazon Purchases Benefits St. Michael's

St. Michael’s is registered at Smile. Amazon as a non-profit. When shopping on Smile.Amazon, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to St. Michael’s. Support St. Michael’s when shopping for holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc., by clicking on our unique Smile.Amazon link at in your browser and it will automatically ask you if you want to support St. Michael the Archangel Church. Click Yes! There is no cost to you. Or you can go to and click on the Amazon Smile link. This is a great way to raise money for your parish! 

Hawaiian Airlines Discount

Our church is now part of the Hawaiian Airlines Preferred Affiliate Program. With this program, parishioners and visitors will receive a 5% discount on all transpacific flights booked through our Preferred Affiliate page, including First Class. Our church will earn one HawaiianMile for every dollar spent that our ministries will use for free air travel in the future. And you still receive your miles!  Book your flight today by going to and enter the program code STMICHAEL. Mahalo!


Upcoming events, news and church info appearing on this page is updated weekly by the volunteer Media Ministry and taken from the weekend bulletin passed out in church. Find the entire weekly bulletin and inserts—in English and Spanish— on this website. Go to Home> Our Parish> Our Bulletins & Newsletters. Mahalo! 


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