Lectors bring the living Word of God to the liturgical assembly. In and through them, God speaks to the gathered faithful. The ministry, therefore, is treated with great dignity and reverence. A person with strong faith, along with a knowledge and command of communication skills, can be one who proclaims the Word of God. Lectors also recite the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful) when a deacon is not present. Lectors must be trained and approved by the pastor who then commissions the minister before they mat begin to serve.

Judy Chaput: (808) 322-6466


          Lector Norms 

Lectores y Anunciadores

Los lectores proclaman vivamente la Palabra de Dios en las lecturas correspondientes a la Santa Misa. Los anunciadores son las personas que dan la bienvenida y leen la reflexión del día antes de comenzar la Sagrada Liturgia y leen la Oración Universal (Oración de los Fieles) cuando no hay diácono presente. Los lectores son entrenados y aprobados por el párroco (o su representante) y son comisionados como lector antes de comenzar a servir.

Rosalía Ramirez (Santa Misa de 11:00am en Español):

c/o Parish Office:

or (808) 326-7771;

Paco Cancino (Santa Misa de 6:00pm en Español): or (808) 987-2007

Altar Servers

Children and adults are trained to assist the priest seamlessly in the celebration of the Holy Mass. Altar servers are scheduled for Sunday and daily Mass and other parish liturgical celebrations. Candidates that seek to be altar servers must have received their First Holy Communion.

Lucia Uganiza: (808) 557-2534

Servidores del Altar

Son niños y adultos que están capacitados para asistir al sacerdote en la celebración digna de la Santa Misa. Los monaguillos y servidores están disponibles para servir en el altar los domingos y en las otras celebraciones litúrgicas parroquiales.

Aniceto Ramirez (Santa Misa de 11:00am en Español):

c/o Parish Office:

or (808) 326-7771;

Paco Cancino (Santa Misa de 6:00pm en Español): or (808) 987-2007


Ushers are ministers who make every parishioner and visitor feel welcome at the church. They make the environment as free from interruptions as possible. Ushers coordinate the offertory and building fund collections and expedite the lines of those who go forward to receive Holy Communion.

Chris Guillen (808) 938-8363

Ministros de la Bienvenida (Ujieres)

Los ministros de bienvenida hacen que cada feligrés y visitante se sienta cómodo en la iglesia. Ellos facilitan que el ambiente sea libre de interrupciones lo mas posible. Coordinan la colecta de las ofrendas monetarias del ofertorio y coordinan las filas de los que van a recibir la Sagrada Comunión.

Aniceto Ramirez (Santa Misa de 11:00am en Español):

c/o Parish Office:

or (808) 326-7771;

Paco Cancino (Santa Misa de 6:00pm en Español): or (808) 987-2007

Church Cleaners

Volunteers are always needed to use their time and talent to keep the Lord's House clean and beautiful. Complete cleaning is done each week at St. Michael's on Saturday morning 7:30-9:00am and at varying times in the mission churches.

TJ Moses:

or c/o Parish Office (808) 326-7771

Rene-Mei Ota c/o Parish Office:

or (808) 326-7771

Wedding Ministry

Team requires exceptionally good people skills, competence in carrying out details, and a thorough understanding of the Marriage Liturgy. Must be able to communicate the joy of the sacrament and avoid any stress and anxiety from this process for all involved. MUST RADIATE THE JOY OF THE LORD!

Paulette Adams: (313) 300-4947

El Encuentro Matrimonial en Español

Para parejas casadas que valoran su relación y desean una vida juntos más enriquecida, aprendiendo las técnicas necesarios para mantener su matrimonio mas unido.

Santiago y Vanesa Ibarra: (805) 279-3450

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Members of this ministry have special training in administering Holy Communion with reverence and respect during the Mass. Those serving as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion must be fully initiated into the Roman Catholic Church and be living in compliance with the precepts of the Church. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are trained and approved by the pastor who then commissions the minister before they may begin to serve.

Sue Costa: (808) 345-6755

          EMHC Norms

          EMHC Standards of Operation


Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión

Jóvenes mayores de 16 años y adultos , que han recibido los Sacramentos de Iniciación, distribuyen el Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo en la Sagrada Comunión a los feligreses durante la Misa dominical y otras celebraciones en español o bilingües de la parroquia. Además, pueden llevarle la Sagrada Comunión a las personas que están enfermas y que no pueden asistir a la Iglesia. Los ministros extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión son entrenados y aprobados por el párroco (o su representante) y son comisionados como ministro antes de comenzar a servir.

Rosalía Ramirez (Santa Misa de 11:00am en Español)

c/o Parish Office:

or (808) 326-7771;

Paco Cancino (Santa Misa de 6:00pm en Español): or (808) 987-2007


Members of this ministry enhance the Sacred Liturgy by leading the assembly into full and active participation.

Walter Baxca c/o Parish Office:

(808) 326-7771


Los miembros de este ministerio deben sentir amor por la música y el deseo de compartir sus talentos con la comunidad; tanto como músicos o cantando.

René Lemus (Santa Misa en Español): (808) 217-7938

Miguel Salazar (Santa Misa en Español):

c/o Parish Office:

or (808) 326-7771

Church Environment


Volunteers maintain plants and flowers in the church building and on the lānai. This includes potting, placing in appropriate areas of the church, watering, etc.

Beth Bartell: (808) 351-8589


A team of volunteers come together periodically to make wall coverings, altar cloths, altar linens, etc.

Bonnie Miki: (808) 990-2902


Special decorations are added to the church by the Hispanic Community in order to make Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe a place of vibrant celebration.

Fr. Konelio "Lio" Faletoi c/o Parish Office:

or (808) 326-7771

Funeral Ministry

Members of this ministry assist the family of the deceased with planning the Funeral Mass or Service. This minister establishes the initial connection between the family and the parish while being sensitive to their grief.

Caroline Smith:

or c/o Parish Office (808) 326-7771

Extraordinary Ministers to the Hospitalized

Volunteers to this ministry are scheduled to visit Kona Community Hospital one or two days a month to administer Holy Communion to Catholic patients. Before beginning this ministry, preparation for the ministry requires both orientation to the hospital's policies for volunteers (by the hospital) and training about the Diocesan Norms for taking Holy Communion to hospitalized Catholics.

Jim Dunn: (808) 238-2708

Pat Fornataro: (619) 987-9839      

Ministry to the Homebound

Visits to the homebound may include administering Holy Communion. Volunteers for this ministry must be trained as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (although they may not necessarily be assigned as an Extraordinary Minister to the hospital nor at Holy Mass). They must also be trained and understand appropriate behavior required whenever entering a parishioner's personal living space. There is always a growing need for compassionate volunteers for this ministry.

Parish Office: (808) 326-7771