Small Group Breakout #1 - "Easter Candle Cheers"
The group of families was broken into six cheer leading squads and each worked on creating and performing different cheers that demonstrated their understanding of the four Easter symbols ("White", "Cross", "Alpha & Omega", and "Five Wounds of Christ") on the Easter candle.
Small Group Breakout #2 - "Fire - Symbol of the Paschal Mystery"
The lead catechist explained that the Paschal Mystery refers to the great Easter mysteries, that is, the events of Christ’s passion, death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Like all mysteries, it is helpful to use symbols to gain a better understanding of the Paschal Mystery. Fire is one of the primary symbols we use to help us understand the Paschal mystery, and our Easter Vigil celebration always begins with a fire. After this explanation, each family colored a tongue of fire and glued it to a large poster board, creating what looked like a bonfire.
Whole Group Presentation
The lead catechist explained that all Easter candles do not look exactly alike, but they do have certain things in common. There are particular symbols that you can find on every Easter candle. The meaning of those symbols was explained to the families as each family was shown how to make a model of an Easter candle. Each family was given materials in their Home Kit to build their own Easter candle at home.

Home Kit - Family Activities
The take-home resource below includes five family Scripture reflections taken from the Easter Vigil readings that make reference to fire and light. These Scripture reflections could be performed during Holy Week to prepare you for the Easter Vigil. The Home Kit also included materials to build an Easter candle.